AquaCon AS aspires to be a leading producer of land-based farmed Atlantic Salmon with its planned RAS production facilities on Eastern Shore of Maryland in the United States. The company targets a production volume of 48,000 metric tonnes HOG divided between three equally sized and separately nearby located facilities. The strategic location will provide direct access to a market of more than 70 million people, through retailers and HORECA clients, all within four hours trucking distance. The company will employ 500 people with three facilities in operation. AquaCon has secured land which will enable production to more than 100,000 metric tonnes.

Christian Selmer, Marit Solberg og Henrik Tangen.

Corporate governance

AquaCon consists of a selected group of professionals with in-depth experience from the salmon industry with focus on land-based facilities and RAS technology having worked for, and with, the largest salmon producers in the world. Our management team, founders and Board of Directors  have experience from building and running more than 70 RAS facilities, including smolt, post smolt and commercial grow-out. Our team and partners also have solid experience from selling salmon, including in the U.S. market.

Team and board