AquaCon will develop Atlantic salmon production operations on the East Coast in the United States, and aspires to be a leading producer of land-based farmed Atlantic Salmon. Our design is focused on environmental sustainability, salmon welfare and the lowest possible carbon footprint. Our seafood will be of the highest quality and have a short distance to consumer markets.

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Our vision is to solve seafood availability for future generations. This is achieved by land-based salmon production at scale in close proximity to consumers. Our initial locations will have the potential of reaching around 70 million people within a road transportation radius of less than four hours. 


Our people are
We are committed to tackling the challenges of food production for the future. We bring together leading global experts from the fields of aquaculture and technology to build on in-depth industry knowledge and proven methods. We think big and apply our knowledge to ensuring the highest standards in the industry. We are specialists in our field and true pioneers in fish farming with years of experience and commitment to draw on.

Our production is
Cutting-edge methods are key to the evolving sector of seafood production. Our world-leading approach enables us to offer a pollutant-free product using state-of-the-art technology under stable and controlled conditions. We work on the basis of proven practical solutions to transform the way in which seafood is brought directly to the consumer.

We are all
We think of the environment as an integral part of who we are and what we stand for. We bring high quality and sustainable seafood straight to market. We set the highest benchmark for environmentally friendly, land-based production with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We recycle 99.9% of the production water. We produce three products with zero waste. We ensure exceptional standards of fish health in a carefully controlled environment.

At work, we are one team working towards the same vision: solving seafood availability for future generations.

Christian Selmer, Marit Solberg og Henrik Tangen.

Our team and board

AquaCon consists of a selected group of professionals with in-depth experience from the salmon industry with focus on land-based facilities and RAS technology having worked for, and with, the largest salmon producers in the world. Our team and partners also have solid experience from selling salmon, including in the U.S. market, and experience from building and running more than 70 RAS facilities, including smolt, post smolt and commercial grow-out.


Our company

AquaCon AS is a Norwegian holding-company which are working to secure U.S. sites in order to develop several land-based salmon RAS facilities in direct proximity to key U.S. seafood markets. AquaCon MD LLC will develop salmon production on the East Coast of US with options to purchase the land, and will have associated permits to produce around 50,000 tons HOG with a potential to grow more than 100,000 tons HOG, and with minimal discharge through public wastewater treatment plants.

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With sustainability built in from the start, we are deeply committed to delivering according to the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals. Our design is focused on sustainability, salmon welfare and achieving the lowest possible carbon footprint. Our seafood will be of the highest quality and produced in close proximity to consumer markets.