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Phone Number (954) 842-3106  Fax Number (754)703-5300 
For over 35 years, Saltwater Fish Depot has been a popular supplier for saltwater fish and live coral for aquarium stores throughout the USA and Europe. With Saltwater Fish Depot's secure online store, we now ship the same huge variety directly to the home saltwater aquarist. The same aquarium saltwater fish, a huge variety of reef aquarium live corals, beautiful aquarium live rock, and all the algae control clean up critters and aquarium invertebrates you want for your home or office aquarium are shipped via UPS directly to your door, anywhere in the continental USA.

For the beginner saltwater aquarium we stock a large variety of healthy "Easy" saltwaterfish , live coral, cleanup critters, and marine invertebrates. In the same way for the more experienced saltwater or reef aquarist, carries the rare and exotic specimens you want imported from only the finest worldwide suppliers. So we truly hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us. With over 500 pages from around the world and from the world's best aquaculture facilities we will provide you the best at the best pricing..

- Rather send an email? We promise that we will email you back either the same or the next day, Give us your Email Address and we'll add you to our list to receive Aquatic Connection NewsletterEmail us at [email protected]
   For Phone Orders:
Although the best method to place an order is through the Saltwater Fish Depot website's shopping cart we do understand some people would rather talk with one of us. Phone (954) 842-3106, and we will help you through the ordering process the best we can.
To check on an Order Processed but not shipped: 

Whenever an order is processed by our shopping cart, there is an automatic receipt and confirmation sent to your email address provided, confirming our receipt of your order. If you do not receive the receipt when you place your order, please email below. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Give us your Email Address and we'll add you to our list to receive Aquatic Connection NewsletterEmail us at [email protected] to request information about your order.
To request tracking information: 

When orders are shipped, we provide UPS with the email address you provided us. You then receive an email from UPS within a few hours of the packages being picked up by UPS. In this manner you always have your delivery information and your tracking number the night we ship out your package. For livestock orders we also place phone calls to let you know that your order is being shipped, so that you know that it is arriving the next day.

If you have not received your tracking number, please email us and we will resend the information to you. We will reply to you the as quick as possible as long as you email us during business hours.

Give us your Email Address and we'll add you to our list to receive Aquatic Connection NewsletterEmail us at [email protected] to requesting your tracking information .

To help with live stock and aquarium equipment technical questions: 
We are glad to help with all your aquarium or livestock questions! Phone us at (954) 842-3106 and we will help you with your technical questions the best we can.
Give us your Email Address and we'll add you to our list to receive Aquatic Connection NewsletterOr, you can email us at [email protected] to get all your questions answered.
To Report DOA's and deaths during guarantee period.
Does Saltwater Fish Depot Have A Livestock Guarantee? - Our 2 Day Alive Guarantee
Saltwater Fish Depot provides a 2 Day Stay Alive Guarantee on all Marine Life purchases except items on our "Restricted" or "Expert" list so please check before ordering. If any portion of your marine life purchase dies within the 2 days of UPS overnight delivery and the guarantee terms were met, Saltwater Fish Depot will issue you a store coupon good for a future marine life purchase. Store coupon is not cash, can only be used for marine life purchases, will not count towards any special offer, and expires 18 months after issue. Coupons issued cannot be combined with other coupon codes related to offers. Use the offer that is best for you. Accounts and store coupons can be refused by Saltwater Fish Depot at its sole discretion.

How Do I Make a Guarantee Request?
For Guarantee to be valid, the livestock delivery must of been successful on first attempt and package must of been signed for. Temperature must of been between the acceptable limits set by Saltwater Fish Depot. If you have requested to have an order shipped beyond our temperature limits to our guarantee policy, you have accepted full responsibility for the shipment and have voided any health guarantee. UPS signature and time stamp records are used for this purpose. A digital picture of the expired marine life in question, must be emailed to Saltwater Fish Depot at [email protected]. The picture must be taken with the marine life out of its bag, with the tail cut off to prove the death and preferably on a white background for best visability. Picture of the expired marine life must be sent within the 2 day guarantee. It will not be accepted if late. Failure of any of the terms outlined voids our livestock guarantee. Customer must email Saltwater Fish Depot to [email protected] within the 2 day delivery period to qualify. When sending the dead specimen email, please include the following the subject line: your order's 5-digit invoice number followed by the phrase "2 DAY DOA". Subject Line Example: Invoice 12345 - 2 DAY DOA. This gaurantee is limited to the value of marine life that has died and does not cover any associated damages or shipping charges. Saltwater Fish Depot Livestock Guarantees are limited to livestock not on our "Restricted" or "Expert" list so please check before ordering.

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Mailing Adress:   Saltwater Fish Depot
17 South Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33004
Local Customer Pick Up  Please order on our website and simply select customer pickup as your shipping option, and we call you to see what day you wish to pick up your order. It will be boxed and ready to go for you when you arrive!
Photos are representative of each species. Each animal is unique and variations should be expected.
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